Advanced Defensive Handgun 07/24/2015

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If you’re serious about your investment in training, this course is for you. This course builds on Defensive Handgun. Here you will learn how to shoot under simulated combat conditions in a simulated stress induced environment. Advanced Defensive Handgun is an awesome confidence builder and will prepare you for just about any scenario you might face out in the real world!  We run no more than 12 students so that in return you receive quality one on one training.  This class is for BOTH men and women.  SEATS AVAILABLE!   Scroll down to the bottom to register!

Topics Covered:

  • A Quick Review of Defensive Handgun
  • Shooting From Cover
  • Kneeling
  • Shooting From Prone
  • Shooting Drills (Tightening Your Shot Groups)
  • Shooting with Strong Hand Only
  • Shooting with Weak Hand Only
  • Retention Shooting
  • Shooting from the Ready Position
  • Malfunctions
  • Tactical Reloading


Complete Defensive Handgun or Defensive Handgun for Women or approval from the instructor because of your prior training and experience. In this course it is imperative that you are already comfortable with your handgun and the operation of it.

What you will need for this class:

  • Firearm:
    Must be reliable and functioning properly. I strongly suggest nothing smaller than a .38 caliber handgun for advanced defensive handgun.
  • Ammunition:
    Absolutely no reloads, factory ammunition only. This is to ensure reliability. You will need 300 rounds of ammunition for this class.
  • Magazines and Speed Loaders:
    For defensive handgun class a minimum of two extra magazines, or a total of three are recommended. The drills you will perform will require these additional mags. For revolvers it is recommended that you have at least two speed loaders.
  • Holsters:
    No cross draw or shoulder holsters. The holster should hold the gun securely so that it will not fall out when you are running or moving. Ideally you want to train with the holster you will be using when carrying. You should have pouches for magazines and speed loaders to be carried on your weak side. The holster, belt and pouches should be comfortable and fit you.
  • Elbow and Knee Pads:
    These are optional for this class. You will be shooting from the kneeling and prone position.
  • Clothing:
    Rain gear is suggested because we do not stop for the rain unless there is a thunderstorm. Hat or cap to prevent sunburn and to avoid hot brass from burning you. Your shoes should be comfortable and allow you to move without slipping. All clothing should allow you to move freely and must be practical. Do not wear clothing that you’re afraid might get damaged.
  • Ear and Eye Protection (Prescription glasses will be fine)

Note: Some types of ammunition are in short supply! Please don’t wait until the last minute to obtain your ammunition.

We have comfortable facilities. Fresh coffee, snacks and bottled water are served. The classroom and range are all in one location.

Class starts at 9:00 am and ends around 5:00 pm. Regular breaks and one hour for lunch.  No More than 12 students in this class.  This class is for BOTH men and women.

Cost: $125.00 Register early in order to guarantee a seat in this class!

See class schedule for available dates.

See you in class!

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