Church Security Training

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Times have changed.  That means taking responsibility and ensuring that congregations are protected with the resources that you have.  We would like to think that bad things don’t happen in church but they do and it’s on the rise.  It’s not necessarily an active-shooter situation but a multitude of other things that may have to be addressed.  Examples would be weather-related incidents, medical emergencies, thefts, vandalism, domestic violence issues and subjects coming into the sanctuary in an attempt to disrupt the services.

Today, more than ever, churches need to have a safety and security team in place.  Most churches are what we call “soft targets.”  A soft target is one where a violator isn’t likely to encounter any resistance.  Churches need to make themselves a “hard target” or one that makes it harder to attack and discourages “would be” violators.  Of course not all situations can be prevented, but with a security team in place the damage and harm can be minimized.

It’s not enough to have church members who are willing to volunteer for a security team. It’s not enough that they have a concealed carry permit.  For a security team to be effective they need to be carefully selected and they need to be properly trained.  For those on the team that would be armed; we will train them to law enforcement standards in proficiency with their firearm and that means yearly qualification on the range. Part of my job is to limit your liability and we do that with training.   Of course not all members need to be armed.  Eyes and ears are important as well!  Team members that are good at observing and detecting potential threats before they become attacks are equally as important.  There is also the matter of policy and procedures.  I can help put these in place for you.

Want more information?  I will be glad to come to your church and conduct a free assessment and consultation.  This training can be tailored around the church’s budget.  Something on a small scale or large scale is better than nothing in place at all.  My name is Kevin Dodson and I’m a full-time law enforcement officer, serving currently as a patrol sergeant.  If you go to my “About” page, here you will find my training qualifications.  Most importantly, I’m a Christian.  There is a case to be made for church security.  I do not believe that God would have us to remain helpless in the face of evil and not defend ourselves.  Our main office number is 919.708.5475 or my cell number is 919.356.4159.  You can also send me an email at