Completion of this course allows you to apply for the North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit at you local Sheriff’s Office. This class is mostly a legal block however you will be required to shoot 30 rounds at a B-27 target in the afternoon. If you do not have a handgun prior to taking this class you may rent on of our .22 target pistols for just $20.00 which includes the ammunition.  This is an 8 hour class with breaks every hour and a lunch break. We serve coffee, bottled water and snacks throughout the day.  You’ll need eye and ear protection. Dress comfortable, especially if it’s calling for rain.  We will shoot in the rain as long as it’s not a down pour and not a thunderstorm.  You must be 21 years old to apply for concealed carry.  However you can be any age to take the class. The certificates for completing this course are good for one year. The class starts at 8:00am but please try to arrive between 7:30-7:45AM.  The concealed carry permit is also good in 36 other states.  For a complete breakdown of the class itinerary please click on any of the concealed carry dates on the course schedule.  You will also have the opportunity to register as well by just scrolling all the way to the bottom.  We also have a frequently asked questions page. (FAQ)  Kevin Dodson will be your instructor for this class.  Kevin has a 15 year law enforcement background.  Kevin is a law enforcement firearms instructor and a NRA pistol instructor, OC Spray instructor, less lethal instructor and Sub Gun Instructor.  We’ve taught over 15,000 students since March 2009. You can reach Kevin at or 919-708-5475. Class Fee$49.00


This class is for someone with little to NO shooting experience. You will learn all the basic shooting fundamentals to prepare you for more advanced pistol shooting classes.We also assist you in selecting the right handgun for defense.  Not all handguns fit your hand the same way.  We break this course up into two sessions, morning session and the afternoon session. The morning session runs from 9-12 and the afternoon session runs from 2-5pm.  When you sign up for this course please call our store and advise which session that you would like.  We bring many different handguns for you to look at as well as shoot.  If you are new to shooting we HIGHLY recommend that you bring a .22 caliber target pistol.  If you do not have one then we can rent you one for $20 which includes ammunition.  This course is $50 for the three hours of training.  If you need a gun rental then we will take care of that before class starts.  The course registration will only let you pay for the class.  Remember, training is the KEY to survival!  We only allow 4-5 students per session because of the one-on-one training that you will receive. If you have anymore questions about this course please call our store at 919-708-5475 or you can email me at  To register for this course please go to “Courses” or “Upcoming Courses” which will take you to the calendar of courses to see when this class is available.  For more on our list of instructors, please go to our “About” page.  Class fee $50.00


An increasing number of people are seeking to improve their defensive shooting skills and expand their knowledge about the use of firearms for personal protection. The Defensive Handgun Course is designed to prepare the responsible adult gun owner to handle, maintain, safely store and use the firearm safely, responsibly, correctly and effectively, so that they are able to handle nearly any personal protection situation.  AT A MINIMUM, SOME EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS COURSE! THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR SOMEONE THAT HAS NO FIREARMS EXPERIENCE AT ALL! IN OTHER WORDS, NOT FOR SOMEONE THAT HAS NEVER FIRED A HANDGUN AT ALL. IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN ABOUT YOUR LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE THEN PLEASE CALL OUR STORE AT 919.708.5475 AND ASK FOR KEVIN OR EMAIL ME AT KEVIN@CAROLINAFIREARMSTRAINING.COM. If you click on any Basic Defensive Handgun class then you will see a complete itinerary for the day. There you will also have the ability to register also by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the course description.  You will need 300 rounds of quality ammunition. Class starts at 9:00am and ends around 5:00pm.  We only allow about 8 students because of the one-on-one training that you will receive.  Class Fee: $125.00