NRA “Refuse to be a Victim” 01/03/2016 $25.00!!

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Personal safety is not always convenient. You must consciously integrate the options you choose into everyday life until good habits are formed.  Remember, criminals prefer easy targets. The more difficult a target you present, the less likely you are to became a victim.  REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM!

What can I do to better protect myself, my family, friends or employees from becoming victimized?

These are the types of questions that men and women ponder prior to attending a Refuse To Be A Victim crime prevention and personal safety seminar.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn at a Refuse To Be A Victim seminar:

  • How to minimize risk of victimization
  • How to create a personalized safety plan, before it is needed
  • An array of personal safety strategies

Created by the women of the NRA in 1993, Refuse To Be A Victim, a four hour crime prevention seminar, presents a variety of information to help you take a pro-active role in personal safety.

From setting up a home defense plan and safe room, to using your internet Service Provider’s (ISP) parental control options to block access to adult material and adult chat rooms, the Refuse To Be A Victim program has information for everyone.

Seminar participants, young and old, are empowered by the information presented in the Refuse To Be A Victim seminar. Whether you live in a major metropolitan city, the suburbs, or a one traffic-light rural town, crime prevention preparedness should be something to which you give a good deal of thought.  Law enforcement and security experts agree that the best way to reduce one’s chances of victimization is through the development of a personal safety strategy before it is needed.

Other topics discussed:

  • Automobile Security
  • Workplace Safety
  • Technological Security
  • Travel Security
  • Senior Citizens And Persons With Physical Disabilities
  • Home Security
  • Parents And Children
  • Personal Security
  • Personal Protection Devices

These are just a few of the tips you’ll learn in a Refuse To Be A Victim seminar!



Your instructor will be Kevin Dodson.  Kevin is an active full-time law enforcement officer; currently supervising a patrol shift.  For more information about Kevin please refer to our “About” page on this website.  Kevin has taught over 9000 students in various firearms training, to include the NC Concealed Carry Course.  Kevin is a specialized law enforcement firearms instructor, NRA pistol instructor and defensive tactics instructor.



The above information was taken from the Refuse To Be A Victim, Your Key to Crime Prevention and Personal Safety brochure.

Also for more information you can view NRA Refuse To Be A Victim HERE

Class Date: January 3rd, 2016

Time: 3:00pm-7:00pm

Class Fee: $25.00

Location: K&L Gun Sales, 1606 Westover Drive, Sanford NC 27330

Any questions please call K&L Gun Sales in Sanford to register at 919.708.5475 or email